What kind of pressure sensor do I need? Four specific terms of pressure transmitters, transducers, sensors, and switches are commonly used in the aspect of sensing technologies in 21 century. A pressure sensor is any device that measures pressure and converts it to an electrical signal. It's an all-encompassing term that can be used to describe pressure transducers, transmitters, and switches. Each transmitter, transducer, and switch is a distinct measurement tool. These devices are similar but not identical, so the terms are not synonymous. Pressure Transducers and Transmitters For some application scenarios, pressure transducers and pressure transmitters are no difference. A pressure transducer is translating pressure values into voltages across a high-impedance load of 5,000 ohms or greater. A transmitter is translating pressure values into currents—generally 4-20 mA—across a low-impedance load over relatively long distances. These devices are used only to measure pressure and output electronically or visually. Pressure Switches A pressure switch is a device that triggers at a specific set pressure. That set pressure can be high or low to meet the needs of the application that would either engage or disengage a circuit. The different application of pressure products Whether a transducer, transmitter, or switch would be used depends on the application. For example, switches are commonly used in low engine oil pressure and in gas compressors with an automatic shut-off mechanism. Normally, transducers and transmitters are useful in critical spaces and industrial applications requiring high precision such as feedback for a control system, data for alarm conditions, trending information and so on. Lefoo will recommend you suitable, reliable and the forefront of electronic pressure products if any interest.
  Because the peristaltic pump can isolate the fluid in the pump tube, it can not only quickly replace the pump tube during use, but also allow the fluid to reverse flow, so it has a wide range of applications in various industries such as chemical industry, metallurgy, and papermaking. So, How to choose a peristaltic pump? The following will be introduced to you.                                                                                                                                                                       1. Choose a hose  The hose is an integral part of the intelligent peristaltic pump. If the quality and performance of the hose used are not good enough, it will have an adverse effect on the use. A good hose should have good chemical resistance, because most companies will use some chemical materials in the production process. If the chemical resistance of the hose is not good, it will be able to be corroded or prematurely aged.   2. Select the pump head   Enterprises should choose the pump head carefully when purchasing smart peristaltic pumps. If the pump head used has an inappropriate flow rate, it will not be able to achieve the desired effect. The pump head of the selected smart peristaltic pump should be able to meet the requirements of quick replacement of the hose. If the company has multi-channel requirements, it should choose to purchase multi-channel pump heads or connect the pump heads in series. In addition, when selecting the pump head, the impact on the material of the pump head when the fluid overflows should also be considered.   3. Select the drive   For smart peristaltic pumps, the higher the drive speed, the greater the flow rate. When purchasing smart peristaltic pumps, companies should choose the appropriate drive according to the required flow range. In addition, consider the control form of the drive, including fixed Or adjustable speed, flow correction, flow distribution and external control and other forms.   Because hoses, pump heads and drivers are all important parts of smart peristaltic pumps, companies should make comprehensive choices based on the quality and performance of these three parts when purchasing reliable smart peristaltic pumps. Only in this way can the purchased peristaltic pump be truly suitable for enterprises, allowing the peristaltic pump to play its due role and effect in work.

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